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Our mission is to encourage, inspire, and empower others to do the good work prepared for us by God. We believe that by developing and sharing God-honoring content, we teach others the tools needed to build confidence, capacity and capabilities within themselves to carry to their communities and beyond.



Your donation will help the SamT Foundation serve others through education programs and resource development. We believe  in transformational leadership. We strive to teach people the abilities to learn for themselves, and in that people experience more depth and are able to take initiative in leading others. 

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Providing encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment for individuals to achieve their God-given potential are some of Samuel Prakash Thevanayagam, or SamT’s, cornerstone philosophies on life, business, and leadership. 


SamT is a Sri Lankan-born Naturalized American, CEO, business leader, entrepreneur, thought leader, as well as a husband and father of five. After coming to the U.S. in 1985 at the age of 22, he encountered highs and lows early in his business career, using these experiences to become the multi-business entrepreneur and CEO he is today. SamT’s 30 years of leadership experience includes holding executive positions in large organizations, launching his own start-up company and scaling his enterprise through mergers and acquisition, all while building up his team and community within their personal and professional lives. 


SamT is known for his positive influence on his team, professional network, and local community. Expanding this positive influence to areas of need has been a particular area of interest for SamT, and in 2018 he launched the SamT Foundation, a registered 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. The SamT Foundation’s goal is to go beyond financial donations in areas of need by empowering people of all ages to continue to learn, grow and thrive by giving them the necessary life and leadership skills to succeed in a fast-changing world, and aspires to provide those in need of the message of hope and prosperity most to help build capacity and capability within themselves and others.



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